What We Do

SERC-NAHRO 1999-2012

VISION: The vision of SERC-NAHRO is to empower local housing and community development agencies to build and expand their capacity to provide safe, affordable housing and increased quality of life in the communities they serve.

MISSION: The mission of SERC-NAHRO is to provide quality education and training, information, networking opportunities and advocacy for its members.


  • Goal 1: Offer education and training programs targeted to the specific needs of SERC-NAHRO members
  • Goal 2: Create communications programs and technologies, which enhance the ability of members to take advantage of various SERC- NAHRO programs and activities.
  • Goal 3: Serve as the primary legislative and regulatory advocates for SERC-NAHRO members.
  • Goal 4: Expand membership programs and services that maximize SERC-NAHRO’s membership and recruitment and retention efforts.