RFP – Camera System


The Housing Authority of Flemingsburg, Kentucky, will receive Proposals for the HUD Safety and Security Grant Funding – Video Security System Installation at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, September 14, 2015, at which time and place all proposals will be opened and reviewed. Copies of the Proposal Documents may be obtained upon request from Browne Group Architects, 1351 King Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212, telephone (614) 486-7145 between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. The scope and details of the proposed project work will be delineated in these documents. A check in the amount of $25.00 made payable to the Browne Group Architects for one set of electronic documents will be required. Documents may be reviewed at the following locations:

Housing Authority of Flemingsburg
142 Circle Drive
Flemingsburg, KY 41041

Browne Group Architects
1351 King Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43212

McGraw-Hili Const. Dodge
4300 Beltway Place, Suite 180
Arlington, TX 76018

Complete details of this Invitation to Bid may be obtained by contacting Ms. Judy Muse, Executive Director, at the Housing Authority of Flemingsburg at (606) 845-1651 or Browne Group Architects at (614) 486-7145.

Judy Muse, Executive Director

Updated: August 31, 2015 — 9:30 am