2018 SERC-NAHRO Position Paper

The Steering Committee had approved the 2018 Position Paper pending the addition of the budget numbers.  With the passage of the 2018 Budget, I have been able to finalize the Position Paper with actual funding figures.  The document is now available below.

This year, we made efforts to shorten the Position Paper. Unfortunately, with the numerous housing programs that need to be addressed, it is nearly impossible to adequately cover everything in just a couple of pages. The strategy that we decided to take was to provide a summary page (page 1 – “An Open Letter To Congress”) that can be given alone to Representatives and they should be able to get an understanding of what our primary objectives are. Each section of the Paper thereafter is listed as a “supplemental.” This was done so that if a member had a particular area of concern, they could provide the first page and a supplemental to their Representative and they should have their priorities covered in detail. For example, if an Authority has only the Public Housing program they could give page 1 and the Public Housing supplemental to their Reps and they will have provided everything that needs to be addressed. This approach should reduce written documentation provided to Representatives to a few pages.


Mike Sweet

2018 Position Paper

Updated: July 26, 2018 — 4:33 pm