Fee Accountant – Canton, GA



The Housing Authority of the City of Canton (herein after called CHA), Georgia is currently soliciting, proposals for Fee Accounting Services. The Authority has a total of 145 units with a Capital Fund Grant Program. We are striving for excellence in our programs and our use of funds. Our mission is to develop and promote quality housing options through partnerships.

Interested qualified Firms or Individuals with the appropriate experience and expertise are invited to submit proposals. Small businesses, minority and women owned businesses are encouraged to respond.

The deadline for receiving Proposals is Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 11:00 AM EST by mail or in person at CHA’s Central Office located at 1400 Oakside Drive #76, Canton, GA 30114. Proposals must be in an envelope or box marked SEALED BID, “FEE ACCOUNTING SERVICES”, on both sides of the envelope or box. CHA assumes no liability for proposals that are mailed. Our offices are closed on Friday and all Federal Holidays.



  • Preparation of Monthly Bank Reconciliations
  • Preparation of Monthly Standard Journal Vouchers
  • Preparation of Investment and Insurance Registers
  • Preparation of Monthly Financial Statements and General Ledger
  • Preparation of Monthly Transaction Register
  • Preparation of Subsidiary Ledgers for Capital Fund Programs/Other Grants
  • Assistance with Preparation of Operating Budget/Subsidy Submission



  • Supplemental Services:



  • Preparation of Year End Financial Statements
  • Submission of Year End Data to REAC
  • Preparation of Fixed Assets/Depreciation Schedule for Capitalized Assets
  • Preparation of Standard Auditor Schedules
  • Preparation of Annual W-2’s & Form 1099 based on Authority Data
  • Preparation of Local Government Reports/Other Reports –
  • Preparation of YTD Printout and Account Analysis
  • Preparation of Grant Requisition Detail
  • Other Specific Accounting Items per Authority Request

The purpose of the Request for Proposal is to select a firm or individual for the type of service requested and to enter into an agreement for accounting services. CHA is an EEO/ADA compliant employer and reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, to waive any informality in the specifications or proposal process or to cancel in whole or in part this Request for Proposal if it is in the best interest of CHA to do so. Bidders are directed to the fact that the proposed work will be financed in whole or in part with Federal Funds, and therefore, all applicable Federal Statues, ruling and regulations will apply. Firms or individuals may withdraw a proposal either personally, by written request or by FAX at any time prior to the scheduled closing time of receipt of proposals. NO PROPOSAL SHALL BE WITHDRAWN FOR A PERIOD OF THIRTY 30) DAYS subsequent to the opening of Proposals without consent of CHA.

The firm or individual selected by the Housing Authority of the City of Canton (CHA) must have experience in the preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).  Any changes before or during the contracted period to the scope of services shall be mutually agreed upon and shall be incorporated into written amendments to the contract and subject to approval.


Please submit the following information;

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Years of experience
  4. A detailed plan of how services will be performed.
  5. An itemized cost of providing accounting services for the Authority.
  6. HUD Forms- 5369-8, 5369-C, 5370-C, 50070
  7. W-9
  8. A minimum three references were same or similar work was performed.
  9. Please submit one original proposal packet and two copies.

Criteria                                                                      Percent Weight

Detailed plan of services                                                        50%

Experience providing accounting services                             40%

References                                                                              10%

Bidders are to ensure that they are capable of supplying accounting services as needed to meet demand. Pre-qualifications shall include but not limited to firm or individual ability and experience in providing accounting services to authorities of similar size.

The proposal will be awarded to the firm or individual submitting the most competitive proposal that includes price, qualifications and meets all the requirements and specifications. CHA reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive minor technicalities or irregularities in the bidding process if it is in the best interest of the Authority.

The Contract will become effective on the date of signing, for a period of one (1) year with the option for two one (1) year extensions. In the event the bidder does not perform the services as specified herein to the satisfaction of CHA, the Authority reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time for cause or without cause, by giving at least thirty (30) days written notice of the intent to cancel this contract.

In submitting this proposal, the bidder agrees:

(a) That the Owner reserves the right to waive irregularities, to reject proposals and to award the Contract to the most qualified firm, should it be in the best interest of the CHA to do so;

(b) That in the event the firm or individual does not perform the services as stipulated in the contract to the satisfaction of the Housing Authority of the City of Canton (CHA), the Authority may cancel the contract at any time by giving at least fifteen (15) days written notice of the intent to cancel the contract.

Any questions or clarifications may be directed to the attention of Wanda L. Sheppard, Executive Director at (770) 479-4969, Extension 122 or by email at wsheppard@cantonha.org.



Updated: August 22, 2017 — 12:07 pm