PBV Manager – Charlotte, NC

  • Company Name: INLIVIAN | Formerly the Charlotte Housing Authority
  • Tagline: Creating innovative housing solutions in desirable communities
  • Company Video: https://youtu.be/V68YBUejDwg
  • Posting Contact: Tcouch@Inlivian.com  or Tinasha Hinton – Thinton@inlivian.com
  • Position: Project-Based Voucher Manager
  • Salary Range: $62000 – $67000

Position Summary

Manages the Housing Choice Voucher, Project-Based Voucher Program for INLIVIAN views in accordance with HUD regulations, ensuring timely site-based waitlist management, unit inspections, annual reexaminations, interim activity processing, and proper payment of housing assistance. Responsible for monitoring vacant units and auditing monthly rent roll to verify proper payments. The duties listed below are intended only as illustrations of the various types of work that may be performed. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Supervises staff, providing ongoing assistance to support a positive and productive working environment.
  2. Participates in and/or recommends the selection, employment, training, direction, utilization, discipline, and plans, prioritizes, schedules, and assigns work.
  3. Assists staff in the interpretation of federal regulations and the Administrative Plan in daily operation; writes and reviews processes and procedures to ensure program compliance with statutory deadlines.
  4. Oversees, trains, and monitors applicable records to determine the compliance, management, performance, and CBRA projects. Identify potential problem areas, using HUD and INLIVIAN criteria.
  5. Coordinates site inspections with INLIVIAN inspections department and property management by preparing and distributing annual site inspection schedules for program sites.  Ensures that at least 20% of each site is inspected biennially to comply with HUD regulations.
  6. Monitors 50058 compliance for the PBV Program utilizing the High Gear System. Establishes a corrective action timeline, tracks, and follows up on corrective actions to ensure compliance, and enforces program rules, regulations and INLIVIAN policy in situations of noncompliance or lack of corrective action.
  7. Establishes and updates written procedures and processes. Maintains ongoing familiarity with HUD rules and regulations governing the Project-Based Voucher and Community Based Rental Assistance (CBRA) programs, drafting, and updating INLIVIAN policy accordingly. Obtains appropriate approval for revised policies and procedures.
  8. Performs administrative duties to enhance program effectiveness, including participating in internal and external meetings.
  9. Works with RED on pre-development activities relating to PBV Commitments, Voucher Availability, Environmental Reviews, and Subsidy Layering Reviews.
  10. Develop, Update, and Facilitate PBV Trainings for internal and external property managers.
  11. Drafts and prepares AHAP and HAP contracts for any new Project Based Voucher properties that are placed on INLIVIAN’s voucher program ensuring all required documentation has been obtained prior to execution.  Drafts and prepares HAP Contract extensions for existing Project Based Voucher properties.
  12. Ensures all requests for rental increases have proper documentation supporting the increase request such as rent comparable and/or market surveys and issues rental increase HAP Amendments to the sites. Performs rent reasonableness for PBV (RAD and Traditional) rent increases for non-INLIVIAN owned properties.
  13. Assist Legal and Compliance with file audits related to tenant terminations and evictions.  Verify 50058 income changes to ensure that income changes were made in accordance with the HCV Administrative Plan and /or MTW Initiatives.
  14. Ensures all sites have site reviews by INLIVIAN compliance, any findings corrected, and reports have been distributed accordingly.
  15. Performs quality control of files along with PBV staff to ensure compliancy of the program prior to HAP release.
  16. Attends trainings on program changes and obtains relevant certifications.
  17. Prepares and submits monthly reports.
  18. Assist with the development of new MTW Initiatives and HCV MTW Plan updates.
  19. Works with external partners to develop CBRA Partnerships (Review proposals / applications, develop referral process, and finalize program specific eligibility criteria).
  20. Drafts and prepares CBRA contracts for any new CBRA Partnerships, ensuring all required documentation has been obtained prior to execution.  Drafts and prepares CBRA Contract extensions for existing CBRA partnerships.
  21. Performs other duties as assigned.

Education and Experience

Bachelor’s degree in Business, Public Administration, or a closely related field from an accredited college or university and three (3) or more years of experience in property management or low-income housing. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.         

Knowledge and Skills

  1. Thorough knowledge of Housing Choice Voucher Tenant Based, Project-Based and HCVP eligibility requirements pertaining to tenants and owners, as required by HUD.
  2. Requires good interpersonal, oral, and written communication skills.
  3. Ability to present information in a clear, organized, and convincing manner.
  4. General knowledge of the modern principles, practices, and techniques of personnel management and training.
  5. Ability to accurately and completely document in writing appropriate events, findings, and activities.
  6. Ability to supervise the work of others and to hold subordinates accountable for tasks assigned.
  7. Ability to successfully meet aggressive deadlines.
  8. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, co-workers, and persons outside the Authority.
  9. Ability to prepare clear and concise narrative and statistical reports and deal effectively with situations requiring tact and diplomacy, yet firmness.
  10. Ability to operate appropriate Authority computer equipment and software packages.
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