Purchasing and Procurement Coordinator – Sumter, SC


Position Title: Purchasing and Procurement Coordinator

Posting Date:  August 30, 2017 until filled

Salary range:   $56,855.00 to $85,283.00

Point of contact: Donna Lamer
Sumter Housing Authority
P O Box 1030
Sumter, SC

Nature of Work

     This is very responsible technical and administrative work involving the coordination of all maintenance activities for the Sumter Housing Authority.  Activities associated with the job include assisting with the preparation and update of the five year plan and Capital Fund budget, assuming responsibility for compliance with all plans and specifications for various public housing construction and capital funds projects and establishing short and long term maintenance priorities including the implementation of timetables, requisition of materials, coordination of work crews and inspection of work in progress.  Additional activities associated with the job include serving as Clerk of the Works for Capital Funded projects, overseeing and assisting with the repair and routine maintenance of housing units, interacting with local and regional utility providers to coordinate maintenance activities and assisting with the budgeting and monitoring of funds designated for maintenance and Capital Fund projects.  The incumbent must also be capable of responding to emergency maintenance needs on a 24-hour per day basis.  Job responsibilities require extensive experience in the building maintenance and construction trades, thorough knowledge of HUD purchasing and procurement regulations, considerable experience supervising staff, considerable experience performing a variety of administrative  and accounting functions,  and strong organizational, interpersonal and decision making skills.  The incumbent must also possess sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in a variety of weather conditions.  Job performance is evaluated by the Executive Director through review of the quality and timeliness of maintenance and construction activities, compliance with annual maintenance and Capital Fund budgets, compliance with existing purchasing and procurement regulations and the ability to effectively assist with the supervision and coordination of maintenance staff.  Job elated duties re also subject to annual HUD audits.

Necessary Requirements of Work

     Graduation from an accredited high school supplemented with additional training in vocational  and construction trades; a minimum of five years experience as a superintendent on major construction projects with emphasis on coordination of general contractors and sub-contractors; considerable experience in housing construction and rehabilitation; a minimum of two years experience supervising and directing subordinate staff; ability to prioritize maintenance needs and establish budgets and plans to maintain existing housing units and structures; strong organizational, interpersonal and decision making skills; sufficient strength and agility to perform the physically demanding aspects of the job in a variety of weather conditions; or any equivalent combination of education and/or experience to provide the following critical knowledge, abilities and skills.  Valid SC Driver’s licenses


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